Jim & Jo Adams | 25th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty five years together. That is quite a milestone anniversary!

Meet Jim & Jo Adams – my mom and bonus dad. I have been trying to talk them into a photo session for awhile, and this big milestone anniversary seemed like the perfect occasion!

First of all… are the not just the cutest?? Ok, now that we agree on that, let me tell you about them!

The Lord has blessed me abundantly in the daddy department. I have so many fond memories of my daddy, Allen May. My childhood was the stuff dreams were made of, and I had a daddy who truly delighted in me! We lost him to cancer when I was thirteen, and three years later Jesus sent Jim literally to our front door. You see, my mom had gone back to nursing school in addition to being a single mom raising two kids on her own. She is a rock star mom! Well, I clearly remember her telling friends that she didn’t have time to date and that if Jesus wanted her in a relationship that He would just have to send a man to her front door! Well, a friend took her at her word, set her up on a blind double date, and mom and Jim met for the first time at the front door of our home. After a brief courtship, they married on June 7, 1993 at Lakeside Presbyterian Church with four of us five kids there.

I asked both mom and Jim for advice on how to make it to 25 years of marriage. Jim said:

“The most important is to be other centered with your spouse. It is not always easy for sure, but it is rewarding in the long term.”

And mom’s response was:

“Treasure your love for each other and love each day together like it is your last one. Neither of us is perfect. Forgive quickly and forget it.”

Beautiful words of wisdom from two people I love and trust.

Oh, and those five kids of theirs? We have all married, had our own babies, and given them 18 grandkids total! The youngest of this tribe is my Philippa Joy who was born on their anniversary last year… and that is a story for a future blog post!

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