PULSE Mississippi | Revival | Table 100

Last month I had the honor of being present to photograph a gathering of pastors at Table 100 to discuss REVIVAL in Mississippi. Wow!! I love seeing the Lord at work!!

As a missionary, it was encouraging to see the PASSION these men & women have for seeing the Kingdom advance in my home city and state! And as a photographer, it was an honor to be there to capture the moment and tell the story.

My favorite moment was when the legendary Dr. Perkins spoke passionately saying, “this is not about race reconciliation. This about reconciling people to a Holy God! And when people are reconciled to a Holy God, race doesn’t matter.” He shared this truth with passion and the emotion was felt by all.

This meeting was the early phase of planning for a HUGE event to be held on April 27, 2019 at Veterans’ Memorial Stadium in downtown Jackson! It is the weekend after Easter. What an amazing, God-ordained time to share the Gospel and see the Kingdom advance in Mississippi!!

The next big event in the planning phase is the Pastor’s Summit on Thursday, October 4. For more information on the PulseMS movement and for pastors and church/ministry leaders to register to attend the Pastor’ Summit, please visit pulsemovement.com/pulsems


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