Varnel’s Baptism | Redeemer 54 | Quiver Club

Do you ever feel like nothing is going right? Like everything you do fails? Yea, us too. Especially since starting over here in Mississippi. We feel like nothing is happening because all we do is hang out with the neighborhood kids. We have tried so many times to start something organized, have a program, a meeting, do things our way… and all of it has failed. The one thing that HAS worked is to sit on the front porch and spend time with them. Every time we go outside, the kids from our street come running! They are so hungry for love and attention, and this is the most valuable thing we have to give them!

While it doesn’t feel like “official ministry” like we have been accustomed to, we are still very intentional with the time we spend with the kids. We get to be a mom & pop to all the kids on our street, daily teaching them right and wrong, and using stories and examples from the Bible to explain why we act different, or talk different, or live different from what they may have seen. It seems so unimportant in the moment, but a year into journey in Jackson and this precious kid makes a genuine profession of faith in Jesus! Wow!!

The Gospel is simple. Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Why do we try to complicate it?

If you would like to know more about Redeemer 54 Ministries, or if you feel led to make a donation to our ministry, please visit our website at

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