Allison and Chris | A Town of Livingston Portrait Session

Town of Livingston, The Chapel at Livingston, Anniversary Portraits

Town of Livingston, The Chapel at Livingston, Anniversary Portraits

Have you ever met someone and knew instantly that they were your kind of people? That’s how I felt when I met Allison and Chris for our portrait session on Tuesday! It was clear from the first moment I met them that these were two fun-loving people who were passionate about one another! Laid back, easy going and full of laughter, Allison and Chris braved the cold to meet me at the Town of Livingston near Flora, MS to capture these joy-filled images! As we walked around this small town and talked about the different paths life has taken us, we found so many points of intersection between my life and theirs! Not only do they know my bonus daughter Taylor, but Chris was an attorney at my uncle’s law firm and worked with my step-brother! Seriously, we had the BEST time!

Allison and Chris, as I have edited your images I have prayed over you both. The scriptures the Lord has given me for you is from Proverbs 15:15, “the cheerful heart has a continual feast” and from Proverbs 17:22, “a cheerful heart is good medicine.” Your laughter was certainly good medicine for me on a cold winter Tuesday and I am so thankful for our time together!!


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