An Engagement Session at Reunion Golf & Country Club

Reunion Engagement Session
Reunion Engagement Session

An engagement session with a Meridith Lee Associate Photographer!

To say that I am excited about growing my associate photographer program is a huge understatement! And this engagement session at Reunion is such a joy to share on the blog today!!

How they met…

When I asked Rachel how she and Brennan met, she shared:

We met during my freshman year and Brennan’s sophomore year at MSU. The guys in my friend group from my dormitory were friends with Brennan through their fraternity, BYX. The friend group would frequently hang out at Brennan’s apartment and that is where he and I became close. I would go to Brennan for advice and he would listen no matter what the subject of my rantings was. We talked throughout that summer. We grew together over the fall semester of 2017 until he asked me to be his girlfriend on December 1.

How he proposed…

After over 2 years of dating and many talks about the future and marriage, I knew a proposal was coming but he managed to surprise me. My best friend and now maid of honor, Amanda, told me she needed to practice taking graduation pictures. So I agreed and threw on a cute outfit, some makeup, and some dry shampoo. We met at the Chapel of Memories on MSU’s campus and started playing around taking pictures though I did think it was weird she was taking a lot of pictures from behind. We moved to the Junction and took all of the typical pictures: with the bulldog, in front of the jumbotron, with the other bulldog. Then, she wanted to go across the road to the big field. She had me face the stadium and hold my cowbell above my head then told me to turn around.

Brennan was standing there dressed up and holding the dried flowers from the bouquet I caught at the last wedding we went to, a small note, and a conspicuous little box. I was totally shocked to the point that somehow I dropped my cowbell. He walked up to me, handed me the flowers, and read his note though I do not remember a single word of it. By this point I was apparently hyperventilating, so he very calmly said “Are you ready?” He got down on one knee, said my full name and asked me to marry him.

Amanda was still taking pictures and his sister Emma, the other maid of honor, was also hiding taking pictures. We took a whole bunch of us after he proposed. Then, we went to eat lunch at Central Station Grill where my parents, his parents, and my brother and his family were waiting to have a celebratory lunch together.


Rachel & Brennan, I have loved getting to know you via Zoom as we have talked about wedding plans! I have also loved praying over you as I edited the images from your engagement session!!

As I pray for you, the word UNITY keeps coming to my mind. I feel that God is going to use you to bring greater unity in the Body of Christ! Walking in unity with Christ and one another in marriage is key to advancing the Kingdom of Heaven!!

Rachel & Brennan, I hope you love the images from your engagement session at Reunion as much as I do!!

engagement session at reunion
engagement session at reunion
Mississippi Engagement Session
engagement session at reunion
Mississippi Engagement session

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