Creating Routine During Quarantine

Creating routine during quarantine? Yep. You read that right.

Between spring break and the following school closures, my kids have now been home for two full weeks. We are all going a little crazy, to put it mildly! By mid afternoon my toddlers are quite literally bouncing off the walls, and let’s just say I am not handling it well.

One of my goals at the beginning of 2020 was to establish a daily schedule with regular routines and rhythms. Unfortunately with the busy every day life, this goal keeps getting pushed to the side for the sake of my business and/or ministry. I began to recognize that I was over extended in February, and Holy Spirit led me to release a leadership role at church as well as classes I was taking that would eventually lead to ordination. Letting go of “busy” has not been easy, and it is a process. But it has been necessary.

And now it feels like so much has come to a screeching halt in our world. COVID-19 has us spending the majority of our time at home and practicing social distancing. As an introvert this sounds glorious! Ha! But as a mom with three kids at home, it is resulting in mass chaos within the walls of our home!

So now is the time. Time to establish a schedule. Time to create routine during our quarantine.

Thriving instead of just Surviving…

Recently Katelyn James released a new YouTube video and blog post on “5 Tips for Thriving (Not Just Surviving) COVID-19” and I love her thoughts on this season of quarantine!

She so eloquent put into words what I have already been thinking. How can I make the most of this season? How can I use this season to focus more on my family? What do I have in my business that I can finally get done now that I have some extra time?

This sift in thinking actually has me EXCITED for the weeks ahead!

Creating Routine During Quarantine

Several weeks ago, my dear friend Nicole of Growing Me + Three wrote the blog post “Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule“. I remember reading it and thinking “man, it would be nice to make that work for my family.” Yet, I did not take action on it.

But now is the time!

No more excuses!!

This is the season I become the mom that I WANT to be! This is the season that my home takes on the rhythms of order and structure that I long for!

Routine in quarantine


I wanted to share some additional resources that I have found and that I am beginning to use in our own home life.

  1. Positive Parenting Solutions: I LOVE good education! And this parenting resource is GOLD! I purchased this online course back at Christmas, but I have only made time to watch the first few lessons. This is the time to watch the full course and really implement all it teaches!
  2. Playing Preschool: Let’s be real. I have no idea what to do with my toddlers to keep them entertained, much less to TEACH them! Mother’s Day Out twice a week has been an amazing blessing, but is not an option for this season. It is time to dig into homeschooling my little people. I have purchased this amazing resources and I am so excited to jump in with Isaac and Pippa!
  3. The Ultimate Daily Routine Bundle: I have also purchased the Ultimate Daily Routine Bundle from The Military Wife And Mom. I especially love the printable routine cards for kids! I plan to cut them out and past to poster board so my littles have a visual checklist to go by.
  4. A Biblical Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak – for more on our response to the outbreak as a family and as a ministry.

We are in this together, even as we stay apart!

Ok moms! Who is in this with me? Are you ready to make the most of our quarantine? Are you ready to THRIVE and not just survive? Let’s get busy with creating routine during quarantine!

Let me know how you are doing in the comments below, and let’s cheer one another on!

COVID-19 Quarantine