Ophelia Elisabeth’s First Birthday

Happy Birthday Lia!! Beautiful girl, you are loved and blessed beyond measure!

Lia’s mom Jamie and I first met a few months after I moved to We Will Go Ministries in downtown Jackson. It wasn’t long before Jamie also was called to be a missionary with WWG and we became roommates for the first time. While the Lord was preparing me to move overseas, He was giving Jamie a vision of “crossing the Jordan” and taking new ground in Mid-Town Jackson. Jamie and Lia now live in a beautiful home she restored on McTyere Avenue near Milsaps College. Jamie and Lia are sharing the LIGHT of JESUS in a neighborhood that is important to the Kingdom!

Lia’s first birthday part was a sweet gathering of family and friends. Jamie incorporated many beautiful family heirlooms in the decorations and serving pieces… special ways to remember her grandmother. She even made her grandmother’s fried apple pies that have become a family birthday tradition!

Jamie, thank you for the honor of being part of Lia’s special day. We enjoyed celebrating your sweet baby girl!

Joy & Jonathan | Mississippi College | Engagement

JOY: A feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

JONATHAN: Given from God.

I am so excited for ALL Papa God has planned for Joy & Jonathan!! I have prayed as I edited the images from our engagement session together, and I can feel the Lord’s pleasure as you begin to walk in His plans for the two of you TOGETHER, as you journey in this season towards becoming ONE in the eyes of God at your wedding in December!! When I looked up the meanings of both your names it perfectly described what He was showing me… a season of great pleasure and happiness that is given from God!

Mississippi College was the perfect backdrop for Joy & Jonathan’s engagement session! I had the best time visiting with them and hearing their story as we walked not only from location to location, but memory to memory. From one of Joy’s friends calling Jonathan over in the quad, embarrassing Joy and practically forcing her to ask him to her social tribe formal, to the prayer garden where their paths crossed multiple times in a single day. These are the memories that make their love story special.

As the time drew near for our session to begin, a massive thunderstorm moved in over Jackson! I checked the radar and it appeared that the Mississippi College campus would see the worst of the storm right at our planned starting time! I called Joy to talk about our options. With both Joy & Jonathan going to school AND coaching this fall we needed to get their engagement session done! So we prayed and asked Jesus to give us a wall of protection from the storm over or time and location… and He answered!! While it was overcast with dark clouds and an occasional flash of lightening in the distance, we only experienced a few sprinkles! I am so in love with the images from this session and can’t wait to work with Joy & Jonathan again in December as I capture their wedding day!

Casalee Burroughs | Mini-Session | Highland Village

Casalee Burroughs, beloved daughter of God, Bride of Christ and warrior for His Kingdom! Your heart for Jesus is so beautiful and shines BRIGHTLY to everyone who meets you!

Several weeks ago I was hanging out in the Urban Sip, the coffee shop that is part of We Will Go Ministries. Casalee is a WWG missionary and barista in the Urban Sip. She recently graduated from Brandon High School, and will begin campus life at Belhaven University this fall. As we talked about my return to photography and growing a new business, she mentioned that she needed headshots for the Belhaven theatre department. She was preparing for a summer mission trip to Exuma, so we set a date shortly after her trip.  I was excited to get the shots that she needed, and hear about her trip!

Casalee is beautiful inside and out! Not only does she have flawless skin and enchanting eyes… not only does her stage experience make her a pro as she “performed” in front of my camera… not only is she STUNNING… but she had me in tears telling me stories of how Jesus used her and her team to touch the lives of children in the hard to reach mountains of Exuma. This girl’s passion for Jesus and making His name known encouraged my heart in ways words can not describe. Nothing matters more than glorifying His name. There is no inconvenience when there is an opportunity to share His love.

Casalee, as I have edited your photos and thought back over our time together, Proverbs 31:25 keeps coming to my mind.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

This verse describes you so well, dear friend. I feel so much excitement as you step into a new season. Holy Spirit has such beautiful plans for you, precious one! You carry revival where ever you go! Spread the FIRE!

Muffuletto Family | Portraits | Flowood Nature Trails

Have you ever prayed and asked Jesus to send you a friend? I have. And my friendship with Naomi Muffuletto is the blessing I received as the fruit of that very prayer and cry of my heart!! What a joy it was to photograph her amazing family surrounded by the beauty of golden hour at the Flowood Nature Trails!

Naomi and I met last fall in a Tuesday morning ladies’ Bible Study class going through the book of Revelation at Pinelake Church. During our first conversation I saw in Naomi a deep hunger to go deeper with Jesus. Over the months our friendship has grown as we have shared our hearts openly with daring vulnerability. God created us to live within open community, and I am so thankful to have this girl as part of my tribe!

Revelation 1:3 says “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.” (NKJV) Naomi, dear friend, YOU are one of the biggest blessings I have received from this promise!! 

Beau & Naomi were married on May 1, 2012 in a destination wedding getaway on the island of Antiqua. Two and a half years ago the Lord blessed them with bouncing baby boy Russo who add so much joy to their family. They currently call Madison, MS not only home but also their mission field. This family loves Jesus and is always ready for an adventure!

Yiğt & Heather | Beach Engagement

A romantic stroll along the beach at sunset was the setting for this engagement session with Yiğt & Heather. Their love for one another and joy as they looked forward to their upcoming wedding day was evident as we dipped our toes in the cool water of the Agean Sea.  The dreamy golden light as the sun dipped lower and lower towards the waters edge was like a glimpse of heaven and gives these images a light and airy feel. Almost angelic. The light sparkled and danced on the surface of both the water and the sand as these two love birds simply enjoyed being with one another. Their playfulness and joy shine through each image of this beautiful gallery.

This session was perfection. Beautiful couple. Full of JOY. In love. Deserted beach. Rocky cliffs. Sunlight dancing on the water’s surface. Sunset. Golden glow. This is the stuff dreams are made of. To be here in this moment with Yiğt & Heather was an honor I will never forget.

The Schauers Family

In late 2013 I had the honor of meeting the Schauers Family shortly after moving to the Mediterranean Region. They had moved to the country just a few months before me, and their hearts for hospitality welcomed this single girl far from home into their lives and treated me like family.

During the year that we lived in the same city, we took language lessons together, enjoyed many Friday night Game Nights at their home with other Americans living in the same city, prayed together, cried together, and supported one another through heart break and disappointment. They became my family and I will forever be thankful for the year we spent together.

In December of 2014 they moved to another city and I moved into their house about a week before I returned to Mississippi to marry Lee. I miss my dear friends and hope one day we will be able to visit them in their new home city where I will be able to capture new photos not only of their family, but of our kids playing together!

Our location for this shoot was an olive grove just a short hike in the hills (or mountains to this Mississippi girl!) from our neighborhood. It was a cool December day between Christmas and New Years. We timed our photo shoot perfectly to get the soft dreamy light as the sun lowered towards the horizon. Oh how I love to shoot during golden hour!

Even all these years later, this is still one of my favorite photo shoots and I just couldn’t help but share it!

Santorini, Greece

In September of 2013 I (Meridith) embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. I got on a plane with 5 friends, 1 suitcase, and my camera bag with a one-way ticket to the Mediterranean region. I spent the first six weeks scouting out the land and connecting with ministries in 4 different countries before beginning to settle down in my new home town on the Agean coast.

During our travel, we had a 24 hour stop over in Santorini, Greece and OH MY I do believe it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen! From sun up, to sun down my eyes were amazed by the scenes before me!

We flew from Athens to Santorini in the night and made it to our hotel on the island just before sunrise. Our hotel was on the east side of the island and I sat on the beach watching the light begin to explode from the horizon.

As we spent the day touring the island I fell in love with the white stucco buildings with bright blue and green accents. It felt like I had stepped into a movie… especially the moment when I rounded the corner to see this donkey, and then his owner coming out the bright blue gate.

We ended our day with a sunset dinner in the village of Oia, known as one of the best places in the WORLD to watch the sunset… and WOW. Words can not describe the beauty we witnessed… but I feel like I saw hints of the splendor of heaven as we watched the sun descend upon the horizon.

While this was my first visit to a Greek island, it was not my last. Jesus loves the people of Greece so much, and I hope to once again carry the LOVE of my Father into this beautiful country.

Will you pray with me for the name of JESUS to be lifted high in Greece as the heavens declare the GLORY of the LORD?

As the sun ascended above the horizon, rays of sunlight light up our hotel on the east side of the island.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” ~ Jesus ~ Matthew 7:7-8