Mississippi State University Senior Session | Deanne Coley

Mississippi State University

It was such a joy to spend time with Deanne at her Mississippi State University Senior Session!! We had the best time walking around an empty campus (thanks to COVID) and reminiscing about each of our days there. It was so much fun to get to know this sweet girl and to see how much has changed at MSU since I was a student.

Deanne was part of the Chi Omega group session a few weeks ago, but also wanted a session of her own to get pictures of her in her cheer uniform. She also wanted to include special places on campus. I love the Chi Omega group session, but getting some one-on-one time with Deanne was food for my soul!

Deanne I have prayed for you as I edited your session, and I keep hearing Jeremiah 29:11 for you. “I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “Plans to prosper you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.”

I know these are crazy times we are living in right now, but God’s plans for you are GOOD! Keep your eyes on Him and He will you down the right path!

Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University
Mississippi State University

Taeler Williams | Senior Portraits

Mississippi Senior

Taeler Williams may call herself “short and sarcastic”, but I call her full of fun, laughter and JOY of the Lord! I have had the pleasure of getting to know Taeler and her family through our church Crossroads of Life in Byram, MS. And we became even closer to Taeler as she spent many hours in the car with us during our spring break mission trip to YWAM Nashville! Seriously, with so many little kids needing potty breaks on our family mission trip, it took no less than 10 hours to complete our 6 hour drive haha! To say it was a lesson in patience is an understatement, and this spirited young lady created a Certificate of Completion in the Course of Patience for my husband who kept declaring that he was going to learn patience this time so God would move on to the next lesson haha! In all seriousness, this girl has reminded me that loud laughter really is the best medicine!

Taeler, Papa God has such amazing plans for you! He has gifted you with a voice to proclaim His Gospel message to all He puts in your path! He will use your gift of laughter to reach many for His Kingdom! He has given you this gift to share, and you share it well!

As you step into this new season, I pray specifically for abundant grace. Grace for each place as He moves you. Grace for the transition. Grace as you wait on Him. Grace as you allow Him to work in you and through you.

Taeler, you are a young woman full of God’s GRACE and POWER! You will perform great WONDERS and SIGNS among the people! I can feel His excitement over all He has planned for you!! Keep you eyes on Him. Walk with Him hand-in-hand. Experience His delight in you.

Mississippi Senior Mississippi Senior


Sydney Bearden | Senior Portraits

Mississippi Senior Girl

I had the best time with Sydney last Friday at the Town of Livingston for her Senior Portrait Session!

Sydney originally reached out to me back in January for her senior portrait sessions, and I am so thankful that we had such beautiful spring weather for her session on Friday! Sydney found me through her friend Hannah who is also a Meridith Lee Senior from earlier in the year!

Capturing Sydney with her beautiful blue eyes and radiant smile was such a joy and highlight to my week! I have enjoyed editing these images and thinking about our time together!

Sydney, I have prayed for you as I edit your images, and the verse that keeps coming to mind is Jeremiah 29:11 –

 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

I pray that the Lord with give you abundant JOY and GRACE for this season of transition! I pray for PEACE that surpasses all understanding as you finish well your senior year and begin to step into a new season with more independence! Keep your eyes on Jesus, allow Him to guide your steps. He will lead you in triumphant processions!

Mississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl Portrait

Mississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl PortraitMississippi Senior Girl Portrait

Preston Peoples | Senior Portraits

The name Preston means “a priest’s village” or “a spiritual place.” Preston, the Lord gave you this name as a prophetic calling. He has called you not only as a son, but as a priest whom the Holy Spirit indwells and speaks through. He is growing in you a prophetic voice that will call many into the Kingdom of Heaven! Preston, you are a mighty man of God with a rich spiritual heritage! Your parents have worked hard to raise you in the way you should go, and you will not depart from it!

Preston, it was an honor to spend time with you as we captured these memories for you and your family. I pray that as you embark on this new season of life, that you will always remember your heritage, and that you will always stay true to who He created you to be.

Hannah Alford | Senior Portraits

Getting to photograph senior portraits for a fellow missionary?? YES PLEASE!! Hannah was referred to me by our mutual missionary friend and I am SO THANKFUL!!

Hannah is such an encouragement to be around! This girl is confident in her identity in Christ and imparts that to those she is around! She is full of the Joy of the Lord and radiates His love so well!! Can’t you just see Him shinning through here even in these images?

Hannah, as I have prayed for you the Lord has given me this verse for you…

She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.

1 Samuel 12:16

He has such good plans for you!! I see you taking your college campus by FIRE of REVIVAL! The fire in you is not meant to be kept in, let it out and you will start wild fires of revival that can not be contained! When the enemy comes to attack, just laugh in his face because the JOY of the LORD is your STRENGTH!!

Sebastian Lott | Senior Portraits


Sebastian, as I edited your photos I began to ask Father God what He thinks of you. He led me to look up the meaning of your name.

The name Sebastian is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Sebastian is: Venerable; revered.

I then looked up Venerable in Mirriam-Webster’s online dictionary and found this definition: calling forth respect through age, character, and attainments; made sacred especially by religious or historical association.

Sebastian Lott – the Lord has set you apart to worship Him. You are HIGHLY VALUED to Him and to His Kingdom! He has equipped you for battle, as long as you keep your eyes on Him you WILL be victorious! Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).

We started our time together on campus at Hartfield Academy and got some shots in the boy’s basketball locker room, where Sebastian spends quite a lot of his time. I am excited to watch this rising senior from Hartfield Academy on the basketball court in the upcoming season!


We then drove to Renaissance at Colony Park. Dark clouds followed us, and the wind picked up as we pulled into the parking lot, but we were not deterred! I especially love these shots in front of the fountain!

I was so excited when Sebastian’s mom Starr pointed out this rainbow as we walked to our cars. Such a beautiful reminder of our God’s faithfulness to fulfill ALL He has promised! So thankful for these last two photos and what they represent.


Casalee Burroughs | Mini-Session | Highland Village

Casalee Burroughs, beloved daughter of God, Bride of Christ and warrior for His Kingdom! Your heart for Jesus is so beautiful and shines BRIGHTLY to everyone who meets you!

Several weeks ago I was hanging out in the Urban Sip, the coffee shop that is part of We Will Go Ministries. Casalee is a WWG missionary and barista in the Urban Sip. She recently graduated from Brandon High School, and will begin campus life at Belhaven University this fall. As we talked about my return to photography and growing a new business, she mentioned that she needed headshots for the Belhaven theatre department. She was preparing for a summer mission trip to Exuma, so we set a date shortly after her trip.  I was excited to get the shots that she needed, and hear about her trip!

Casalee is beautiful inside and out! Not only does she have flawless skin and enchanting eyes… not only does her stage experience make her a pro as she “performed” in front of my camera… not only is she STUNNING… but she had me in tears telling me stories of how Jesus used her and her team to touch the lives of children in the hard to reach mountains of Exuma. This girl’s passion for Jesus and making His name known encouraged my heart in ways words can not describe. Nothing matters more than glorifying His name. There is no inconvenience when there is an opportunity to share His love.

Casalee, as I have edited your photos and thought back over our time together, Proverbs 31:25 keeps coming to my mind.

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”

This verse describes you so well, dear friend. I feel so much excitement as you step into a new season. Holy Spirit has such beautiful plans for you, precious one! You carry revival where ever you go! Spread the FIRE!

Rob Hamilton | Senior Portraits | Hartfield Academy

Rob Hamilton. Mighty man of God. Warrior for the Kingdom.

I first met Rob and his family on Thanksgiving Day 2011. They came to We Will Go Ministries to serve as volunteers and were wrecked by Holy Spirit as they served food and sat with our homeless neighbors. They began coming regularly, helping with different projects as we were restoring several former crack houses, transforming them into beautiful missionary homes. As they worked on our future homes, Holy Spirit continued to work in their hearts.

As the months went by, it was Rob and his sister Ellie who first began to speak about their growing desire to become We Will Go missionaries and live on the ministry base in downtown Jackson. The faith of these kids was beautiful to watch as they loved our neighbors and worked just as hard as us adults on the endless projects. In the fall of 2012, a year after their first visit to We Will Go, the Hamilton family became my next door neighbors! We live together in community for a year before I moved overseas and truly became family.

Rob is now a rising senior at Hartfiled Academy where he is a key member of the varsity basketball team.

Rob, I have been praying for you as I have edited your photos. The word the Lord keeps bringing to my mind is from Jeremiah 1

Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified[a] you;
[b]ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

Then said I:

“Ah, Lord God!
Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”

But the Lord said to me:

Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’
For you shall go to all to whom I send you,
And whatever I command you, you shall speak.
Do not be afraid of their faces,
For I am with you to deliver you,” says the Lord.

Then the Lord put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the Lord said to me:

Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.
10 See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms,
To root out and to pull down,
To destroy and to throw down,
To build and to plant.”


Abigail Grace Wilkerson | Senior Portraits | The Town of Livingston

Abigail: father rejoiced or father’s joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was King David’s third wife, described as “good in discretion and beautiful in form.”

Grace: the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.

Abby Wilkerson, the name your parents gave you was a prophetic word of the beautiful, intelligent, blessing of a young lady you are today! 

I first met Abby in the spring of 2011. I was working with her dad Kelly at Morgan White Group  and our department decided to have a BBQ to meet everyone’s families. I was also living at We Will Go Ministries where she served with her mom Amy, sister Katie, and their homeschool co-op group CHEC. Shortly after I moved overseas, her family sold their home and moved on base to serve full time with We Will Go. Over the years I have had the honor of watching Abby grown into a beautiful, talented young woman with a BIG heart for Jesus and love for His people.

Abby not only smart, but a hard worker! While still in high school, she has been dual enrolled at Holmes Community College. She will continue her education at the same community college this fall, taking full advantage of scholarships offered. She then plans to transfer to Mississippi State University, her parent’s alma mater.

Abby and I had so much fun at her senior portrait session at the Town of Livingston! This girl is so fun to laugh with and I was so pleased to capture her joy and laughter in the images from her session! I love to pray over my clients as I edit their photos, and I can feel the Lord’s excitement over Abby’s future! Abigail Grace – keep your eyes on Jesus and hold His hand tightly as you take each step. Your Heavenly Father delights in you, beautiful girl! And He has amazing plans for you!!

Jade Lott | Teen Girl Mini-Session | Highland Village

With this beautiful face featured on my website and shared so much this last week on both my Facebook and Instagram, I thought I should take a minute to introduce you to my friend Jade now that I have my blog up.

I first met Jade and her family several years ago while I was a missionary at We Will Go Ministries in downtown Jackson, MS. Jeff & Star Lott brought their kids to serve along side us as we fed the hungry and loved the homeless in one of the hardest parts of our city. I remember so clearly a very special service where our friend David Waggner prophesied powerfully over them about a kid’s ministry they would start. I am sure that if I dug through old voice recordings I would find that service and his exact words, but what I will never forget is how powerfully Holy Spirit spoke life into a dream that Jeff and Star had already been praying into! Jeff & Star were quick with their obedience and soon launched City Lights Ministries! Lee and I have both had the honor to minister at City Lights many times over the years, sharing stories from all our missionary journeys.

Jade was just a kid when I moved overseas. She was cute as a button, full of confidence, and fierce on skates! I was so excited when we enrolled my bonus daughter Annslea at Hartfield Academy last year, ran into the Lott family at orientation and found out that Annslea and Jade would be in eighth grade together!! I know without a doubt that when Annslea spends time with Jade’s family that they are speaking TRUTH into her life, and I hope trust that we are doing the same when Jade comes to stay with us.

One of my favorite things about photography is capturing natural beauty, especially in young teenage girls. Social media and Hollywood give them a very unrealistic image to strive for, and I want to call out the beauty in each one of them! I want them to see that they are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God! That He knit them together in their mother’s womb, and that he has good plans for them!! Will you join with me in affirming not only Jade, but all the young girls in our lives, that they are beautiful, they are worthy of pure and innocent love, they are delighted in by their Heavenly Father, and He has amazing plans for them!!